Monday, 23 January 2017

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Black Box

Overview Foam Museum
Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photography exhibit “Black Box” is underway in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Based in New York since the 1970s, Sugimoto has received international acclaim as an artist for his delicate and detailed photographic expression captured by large-format camera.

A Photograph as a Time Machine
The exhibition opens with the series “Seascapes.” The photographs show a sea that is barely discernible by quiet light and waves. It is scenery that has existed since long before the birth of humanity. Sugimoto calls the camera a “time machine.” In “Seascapes,” and in “Diorama” where he photographed taxidermied animals arranged in a staged setting, he projects an ancient scene. In “Henry VIII” he recreates the figures painted in Holbein’s 16th century portraits, and in “Lightening Fields” he reincarnates the experiments conducted by Fox Talbot who was one of the founders of photography to present before us a great discovery of the 19th century.

Capturing Time
Sugimoto incorporates the passage of time into his photographs that capture a single moment that cannot be followed by the eye. In the “Theaters” series he left the camera shutter open during a screening at a theater, photographing the light of an entire movie. The composition of a human eye and a camera are nearly the same. But a person will commit the story of a movie to memory while with the camera, the story disappears but it records the mood of the theater illuminated by light.
With sophisticated and elaborate craftsmanship, Sugimoto’s works gently glow and capture the passage of time amid tranquil light.

Sugimoto: Black Box Until March 8 (open daily)

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